Snaking Root

North Bend, WA

Snaking Root Ceiling/ Dendritic Root FloorMixed media, various spaces; ©1994 designed, Opened 2001

A Large complete root system with attached illuminated argon and krypton gas filled root-forms are suspended from the beams and ceiling of the Lobby area. The "neon" tubes are large (25 mm) and provide soft, suspended volumes of light to flow through twisting and contorted tubing. The suspended root masses also act as a link to the visitor center's sod roofs, and reference the history of the underground living spaces of some native tribes of the area.The network of gaseous argon speaks to the flowing of water and the technology necessary to keep the watershed operational and the generation of electricity.

Krypton filled "neon" tubes with hand coated phospors

THE DENDRITIC ROOT FLOOR is a sandblasted and stained concrete floor. The pattern is of a stylized image of a cross section of a vine maple root system rendered in dark organic colors.

Funding: SPU % for Arts Program, Administrated by the Seattle Arts Commission. Architects and Landscape Architects: Jones and Jones Architects, Lori Nelson project architect, Nancy Roddle, project landscape architect.