photo: Frank Huster
Dan Corson’s Artwork straddles the disciplines of Art, Theatrical Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and sometimes even Magic. His projects have ranged from complex rail stations and busy public intersections to quiet interpretive buildings, meditation chambers and galleries. With a Masters Degree in Art from the University of Washington and a BA in Theatrical Design from San Diego State University, Corson’s work is infused with drama, passion, layered meanings and often engages the public as co-creators within his environments. He is particularly interested in green design and new technologies and how these tools can help frame and amplify the natural word and our shifting relationship to it. Among his various awards, Corson has been honored with 8 coveted Public Art Network Year-in-Review National Awards, received the NW Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies (NIAUSI prize) fellowship in Italy, and was tapped by Seattle Homes and Lifestyle as one of the top people that define Seattle Design. He has partnered with architects and landscape architects for 4 AIA Awards and 3 ASLA awards.