Skagit Streaming

Seattle, WA

SKAGIT STREAMING is a complex multi-site project providing a window into the Skagit River system (Seattle’s hydroelectric facility) via fiber optic cable- from 150 miles away. “Live” Streamed video images (from 3 cameras): Riverside views, underwater footage and microscopic images are then sent into various city buildings, the WWW and projected nightly 40' across on the side of a large parking garage. The www aspect of the project provides streaming video, feedback and educational information. This project aspires to connect the downtown urban core with the source of its electricity and quiet cycles of nature. At the same time, it acts as a sort of "canary in a coal mine" by monitoring strategic fish populations for the public.

40' wide screen on the side of the Bon Marche Parking Garage; ©2000

Skagit Streaming "fish-cam" on the Bon Marche' parking garage. Special Thanks Steve Monsey, broadcast engineer , Vicki Moulder, web designer, Miguel Edwards- video editing,and many others: FUNDERS and SPECIAL THANKS Administered by the Seattle Arts Commission

In the Municipal Building where the Mayor and City Council has their offices, the video was shown next to the elevator to help remind our elected officials about our critical relationship to the source of our electricity and water.

the web site included grass roots salmon education links, education site and project information.