Rain Drums

North Bend, WA

Rain Drum Courtyard
custom "rain drums", computer programmable water drip system; ©2001

RAIN DRUM COURTYARD Cedar River Watershed Visitors Center, North Bend WA The space between 3 buildings houses a wild overgrown forest floor with a slow moving stream and a canopy of tall, thin and lacy vine maples. Interspersed between the trees are 17 "rain drums" that play the raindrops as they fall from the sky and drip from the branches. When the sky is dry, there is a set of computer controlled water drippers that create a set of changing rhythms.

Special Thanks to the Cedar River Watershed staff, Seattle Arts Commission, Ruri Yampolsky, Barbara Goldstein, Paul Sorey, Chris Holland, Nancy Rottle, Lorri Nelson, Marie Ruby, Tom Mattausch