Fiber Optic Reeds

Nordheim Court, Seattle, WA

In a naturalistic pond that is the focal point for the lower courtyard, a large number of fiber optic “reeds” emerge from the water and twist and sway in the breeze. In the daytime they look like clear glass reeds, at night they slowly morph color from intense blue to green. Then every so often an individual reed turns red- the color of the Antennae Reeds on the upper courtyard. Both projects evoke a sense of transference of knowledge and information (fiber optics, antennae) and the use of high tech materials in juxtaposition to nature.

The pond and sculpture become the focal point for the UW housing facility

Fiber Optic Reeds emerge from the water. Slowly the colors shift from green to dark blue. Every so often a single reed turns orange-red...then returns to green or blue...and the pattern continues in other single reeds. The colors and forms link the plaza artwork to the pond site.