Christian Petersen Art Museum, Ames, IA


lasers, first surface mirrors, steel, safety and control systems, glass, dye, water, mylar


Like its namesake, these sculptural forms appear to appear out of mist and light. Blue lasers enter the glass vessels holding a dye infused water capturing and bringing form to undulating veils of light. Distortions of the optics of the glass, and crinkled mylar send secondary bounces throughout the pieces further animating the optical geode.





I would like to recognize and give special thanks to the folks who helped contribute to this exhibition:

The Iowa State University Museums
Christopher Edrington
Christian Wehr
Mat Wymore
Dorothee Nygren,
Sydney Marshall
Natasha Porizkova,
Lynette and John Pohlman
Emily Morgan
Martin Blank
Trond Forre
video: Bill Gebhart
documentation music: Zoe Keating
and of course Nancy Gebhart