Rockwood Sunrise

Gresham, OR

Rockwood Sunrise
Steel, paint, fiberglass, LED lighting, triggering system, etched glass patterning; 2011

Referencing the 1st Multnomah County Fair, Latino Cultural iconography and the sunrise (from Portland’s perspective), these giant colorful fans produce kinetic moiré effects as one passes by. Triggered by approaching trains, the fans produce dynamic color sequences for 5 minutes before shifting back to aqua colored tips.

Rockwood's ethnically diverse community is composed of many Asian and Latin cultures. This area was also the home to the 1st Oregon State fair. The colors, patterns and spirit of the project seeks to energize and help support a revitalization of the neighborhood.

Etched safety glass patterning for the transit shelters was also a part of this project.

Special thanks to Heavy Industries, Trimet, Kevin Furry/Kiboworks, Craig Nelson/ PMCS, The City of Gresham OR, Mark Mikolavich, Michael Parkhurst, Greg Coons, Jeb Doran, Mary Priester and Lance Erz