Oscillating Field

Seattle, WA

125' x 250': lasers, fluorescent fiberglass, paint: 2009 Photo credit: Cory Scherrer

OSCILLATING FIELD is a temporary sculptural installation sponsored by Sound Transit. There are 11 different programs that sequence over a 35 minute loop. In the daytime it takes the form of a grass field, a hedgehog's back or a glowing yellow mist, while at night it transforms into a thousand surfaces for the dynamic play of an emerald green laser. Every night between 6pm and midnight, the lasers illuminate the sculpture with a range of dynamic patterns and animations.

The exploration of topography and dynamic patterning over a large space transforms a once desolate parking lot into a delight of light, movement and magic. The project is composed of over 3300 florescent fiberglass stakes cut in 6" increments from 3-8' high. The top 6" of every stake is painted with florescent Orange "construction" paint, allowing the "skin of the field to be clearly discerned.

The project is at the site of a new Sound Transit Light Rail station, and the sculpture was funded to activate the construction site and celebrate the kick off of the new station. Photo Credit: Corey Scherrer

Deep special thanks to: Sound Transit, Barbara Luecke, Jeff Silverman at Nth Degree Creative, Corey Scherrer, David Marine, Steven Hudosh, Kevin Spitzer, Andy Moniz, Jo Moniz, Ryan Wong, Berndt Stugger