Jeskyne Ohniveho Draka

Prague, Czech Republic

Multi-room installation, snakes, fire, music, incense; ©1995 The Grotto of the Flame Serpent (Jeskyne Ohniveho Draka) was a solo show at the 13th century catacombs attached to the Bohemian Arts Gallery. Various rooms told the story of a fictitious religion's creation myth. Highlights of rooms: SNAKE CAVERN- The stone carved out room was covered with 4" of black sand. Partially uncovered orange neon snakes illuminated the room. The CENTRAL ROOM contained a live snake tabernacle, cast glass snakes/ fulgurites (fused glass shapes created when lighting strikes the sand) and other oracular devices, The ORACLE CHAMBER (in distance). The ORACLE CHAMBER contained a floor was made into a pond 1 foot deep. Subaquious gas jets provided a constant flame that shifted into random patterns as the bubbles broke and caught fire on the surface. This room was very hot and sauna like

Interior of the live snake tabernacle. The interior of the box was carved, burnt and gold leafed with the fictitious mythological imagery.

Part of the underground catacombs, the SNAKE CAVERN contains red neon snakes under a bed of black foundry sand.