Seattle, WA

A series of 22' long cobra head streetlights, steel, lighting; ©2003

Many contorted “street light sperm” danced through the “generation facility” of the Georgetown Steam Power plant. A giant “cleaving egg” projection recounted the turning wheel of the steam plant’s engines as well as a egg dividing.Views of the complex overlapping patterns can be seen from the upper floor. The circle of light had rotating bisecting lines, mimicing a cleaving egg as well as referencing the giant flywheels in the other room.

Special Thanks to: Jeremy Edwards, Lynne Moore and the SCL Steel Crew,Dura Coatings Inc, Kevin Spitzer, Omar, Jeramy Brennan McGuigan, Allen Diego, Laurie Geissinger,Seattle City Light and the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. Photo Credit: Sidney Genette.