Antennae Reeds

Nordheim Court, Seattle, WA

10’x 20’x 35’h; aluminum, LEDs, Urethane Resin, specialty paint; 2003

A dramatic cluster of large tapered poles with frosted tips quake in the wind like giant industrial “reeds” on steroids. The rods are painted fire engine red that fades into a sky gray at the tips. In the evening the tips glow an intense blue to match the color of the Fiber Optic Reed project in the nearby pond. Both projects evoke a sense of transference of knowledge and information (antennae, fiber optics) and the use of high tech materials in juxtaposition to nature.

Antenna Reeds is a companion piece to a project called Fiber Optic Reeds that is also on the Nordheim Court property. Both projects address transmission of knowledge and data as well as the importance of good communication skills...a few of the important things learned in well as linking technology to nature in a very hip urban environment.
Special Thanks to Kevin Furry, The University of Washington, Lorig, Kurt Kiefer, Sign Tech